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Terms Of Sale

All the below-listed Terms of sale are being regulated by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This document is completely electronic and continues to stay valid even without your physical or digital signature.

This document is proof that the seller made an offer exactly as listed on the website and the buyer has accepted the same. This document contains various instructions which apply to both the buyer and the seller of a product.

Every single detail in the “Terms of Sale” should be read carefully before attempting to buy or sell any products from the website.

If either the buyer or the seller happens to be in disagreement with any term in the document, avoid making any offer for sale and avoid buying any product which is listed on the site.

Acceptance Of The Offer

Every time a purchase is made, the buyer agrees to the price which the seller has asked for on the website. This is a mutual contract and this implies that the buyer and the seller are on common terms.

If either the buyer or the seller is found to violate any terms of sale, the sales transactions might get cancelled.


  • Mimaas respects the intellectual property rights of all the products which are listed on our site. If you happen to find your IP rights being violated in any form, you can fill up an IP Infringement Notice. Improper details and incomplete forms would be rejected.
  • Product availability might change at frequent intervals and buyers might not have prior notice. If you order a product which is not currently deliverable or unavailable and if your payment is processed, it would be remitted to you shortly.
  • The Sellers take responsibility and warrant for the following:
    • The buyers are eligible to claim any warranty which comes with the product.
    • The buyer shall possess the product with absolute discretion.
    • No charge will be imposed on the buyer from a third party without further notice.
    • The products should align with their description which is provided on the site.

Pricing Information

  • The selling price of the products might change from time to time and there is no compulsion for the seller to give prior notice about this to the buyers. If the selling price happens to be incorrect due to technical errors, it is the responsibility of the seller to change it before accepting the purchase request of a buyer.
  • Unless you are informed otherwise, any product which you buy is included of their VAT taxes.

Product Delivery

  • Any damages or deterioration which a product encounters while shipping is completely on the seller and the buyer will never be held accountable.
  • The address along with the Pin Code will be cross-checked by our website before you attempt to confirm your purchase. If the shipping provider does not cover the address which you have entered, you might have to provide an alternate address to proceed.
  • The time of delivery which you see on the website is only an estimation and the buyers are asked to not rely upon it. No product will be handed over to the buyer before the payment is made.
  • If a buyer refuses to accept the order during delivery, he/she will be held accountable for any loss which the seller may encounter and also for the charges which Mimaas would have acquired from the seller for the purchase.
  • Once the buyer receives the product on hand and pays the price in its entirety, any loss or damage made to the product is on the buyer as the seller is not responsible anymore.

Policy Of Return

  • Any false accusations or baseless complaints made on the seller without suitable evidence will not be considered.
  • Immediately after receiving the product, the buyer must make sure that the packaging is intact and free of tampering.
  • The process of returning differs from one product to the other depending on its nature. The buyers are requested to check for any additional terms or instructions provided on the website.
  • Once you choose to return your product, the money you have paid for the same will be transferred to your payment source or device. Mimaas can maintain complete discretion in choosing the mode of refund.
  • If the seller is unavailable or refuses to accept the product when it is being returned, Mimaas has the complete authority to resell the product to any third party along with all the items and packaging which the product was delivered with.

Order Cancellation Or Termination Of Transaction

  • Seller: There are several factors that force the seller to cancel your order. This includes ordering the products in huge quantities when it is not currently in stock and technical errors. If the buyer happens to have made the transaction before the cancellation, the amount will be reversed to the buyer’s source of payment.
  • Buyer: When a buyer requests for a cancellation, the seller is entitled to either accept or reject the request. The seller may not be able to cancel your order if the shipping process has already been initiated.

Governing Law

Each and every point listed in our Terms of Sale are governed by the laws of India. These are established for your own benefit and do not act in favour of any third party.


  • Mimaas’s role is to act as an intermediate marketplace that connects the seller with a buyer. It helps the sellers to display and advertise products and allows the buyers to purchase the products which they need the most.
  • Mimaas does not endorse or hold responsibility for any product which is sold on the site nor is answerable to any third parties that benefit from the purchase. The seller is accountable for any warranty or documentation that comes with the product.
  • If the product sold by the seller is duplicated, faked, refurbished, or recirculated in illegal ways, Mimaas would never be held responsible for it. If the product delivered does not match with the description or is damaged, the buyer can return the product and is eligible for a full refund.
  • Mimaas is not accountable if the seller does not have the required amount of stocks available. The seller should be responsible for delivering the products on time and help with any installations if required.